Get involved

Short visit

Check out our Ecotourism page to see what activities we have to offer if you’re here for a couple of days and want to support our cause:
Donate. If everyone visiting Gili donated the price of a large Bintang to our environmental projects we can keep on moving forward!
Eco-friendly gift shop. If you are looking for a unique gift check out our beautiful upcycled souvenirs made from old glass bottles or rescued fishing rope bracelets.
– Take an Eco tour. Learn more about our projects above and below the water.
Drop by on Friday and join us on our beach clean from 5 to 6pm and get a free beer, meet new friends and a watch a beautiful sunset.

Long term

On Gili T for a little longer and want to give back to the island we all enjoy and love? We are always looking for new passionate and motivated volunteers to join our eco warriors on their daily environmental missions. If you are fascinated about Biorocks and want to learn more about this incredible reef restoration technique then join on our 2 week intensive programme to build and sink your very own reef!

Not into diving? No problem, there are several other things to do around our organization. You can help out with our waste management projects, our eco product shop, or put your talents out there to help us reach more people.

We are looking for

Some of our projects need a certain profiles to fulfill our mission! Currently, we are looking for:

  • Permaculture / Biodynamism specialists for our organic plots for set up and expansion of existing allotments.
  • Environmental engineers to record ocean current speed in various locations to find suitable place to set up new ocean turbines.
  • Vets and assistant vets/nurses to help out in our next clinic, specializing in equine health care and feline health care.
  • Follow up on data collection for sharks, turtles and ray population locally around Gilis as well as linking with organizations studying marine megafauna.
  • GIZ mapping students or experts to upgrade the 3 island maps with zones of the Marine Protected Area. 
  • Students with experience with Open Street Map and updating our ocean maps of the Biorock structures using GIZ, photography and snorkeling.
  • Business or marketing students or proffesionals: to help marketing our actions and applying for grants, as well as helping to organise fundraising events.
  • Volunteers who are interested in teaching at the local school: English, sports, environment, sciences, anything you want to share!
  • Working a on waste management plans for Gili Trawangan: working with Bank Sampah, Eco Bali, APGT, FMPl. Education, strategy, evaluation of quantity and quality of rubbish to find best solutions to apply on Trawangan…etc.
  • Marine Biologists, or those with a passion for the preservation of the underwater world to complete intensive Biorock training for continued maintenance of the artificial reefs.
  • Journalism, story writers & filmmakers to help us create exciting and informative documentaries, blogs and articles about sustainable tourism, zero waste strategies and underwater conservation.
  • Soil specialists or environmental students specializing in soil quality for our regeneration projects.
  • Research/study on marine debris, microplastics and their effects on coral reefs. Resarch into bleaching and algal blooms due to water quality issues and global warming.

Contact us if you’re interested in volunteering or doing an internship at Gili Eco Trust on and tell us why you think you are perfect to join the team at Gili Eco Trust.

Support our cause!